Why Jordan?

The land of countless opportunities

Discover a new Web 3 emerging Market

Jordan is increasingly gaining popularity as a new emerging market for blockchain-based technology in the MENA region, with almost 1.5% of the population owning at least one type of cryptocurrency.

What makes Jordan even more attractive for businesses in the sphere of Web 3.0?

  • High adoption rate of the internet and technology.
  •  Stable economy and financing sector, with increasing financial inclusion.
  • Online trading culture is already widespread. Jordan is a primary market in the Arab world for forex and other financial derivatives trading for over 20 years.
  • Even though the industry is not yet regulated, all related portals and applications are accessible from Jordan.
  • Jordanians have access to all international payment gateways and providers.
  •  Investor-friendly environment and ease of doing business.
  • When it comes to NFTs and Metaverse-related solutions, Jordanian youngsters show a lush willingness to learn, experience, and adopt.

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